We are an Investment Management firm that invests in Indian Equity Markets. We are not intermediaries and don’t distribute any other firm’s products.We prefer to invest in compounding stories (companies with tail winds of growth that are focused on disciplined growth around a core business definition, and where success is reflected in an expanding moat and increasing market share and ROE).

However, we believe fund managers should be flexible with other approaches to adapt to changing market conditions. Hence, we also invest in transformational stories.We offer quarterly meetings to discuss our thought process and detailed Investment thesis on our positions.Read our  Perspectives or talk to us to understand our thought process and if our approach is right for you.

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We enjoy the process of creation of an enterprise. Working with young companies provides us invaluable insights and networks that benefit us in the listed equities space.Startups have high mortality rates and are hard to scale. Typically, a startup operates with the belief that rapid growth will result in the next round of VC investment. However, if the investors run out of the risk appetite and don’t proceed with the next round of VC funding, it can cause the startup to shut down. Because, the truth is that for every startup that is funded, thousands are not.

In such a scenario, we believe in following a more long-term approach. We seek opportunities where businesses can be built frugally and there exists a clear road map to positive unit economics within 3-5 years. We look for sustainable businesses and back them with patient capital.To get more perspective on our angel investments, please click here

If you are an early stage venture looking for seed capital, please share your pitch with Siddharth at